Monthly status as on October  2021

  • States - 12
  • Districts - 180
  • Branches - 1,563
  • Municipalities - 2,962
  • Villages - 19,439
  • Beneficiaries - 31,43,760
  • Staff - 3,190


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Bandhan was set up in the year 2001 to meet the cardinal goals of poverty alleviation and women empowerment. There is an entire suite of development programs which are aimed at bringing about holistic transformation in the underprivileged community. The organization works closely with people who live in the lowest echelons of the social system for their socio-economic progress. It constantly tries to broad base its scope of services and minimize areas of income leakage in the underprivileged families. Bandhan-Konnagar is actively engaged in the field of education, health, livelihood promotion, enterprise development, employment generation and the like.

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