Monthly status as on January  2020

  • States - 12
  • Districts - 168
  • Branches - 1207
  • Municipalities - 2,695
  • Villages - 12,813
  • Beneficiaries - 24,76,764
  • Staff - 2,536

From the desk of Founder & Mentor

Dear Readers,

I would like to thank you for showing interest in our page which can give you an idea about the kind of programs that we are working on for years.

We deliver microfinance services to the unheard and extremely deprived families which can help them to make their livelihood better. While continuing that work, we have realised that microfinance alone is not enough to upgrade the living standards of the deprived and underprivileged people. Moreover, a small business, minimum education, awareness about health, employment generation and also education about finance can help them to know certain basics which can further help them to grow a thinking power of the way they want to live. Hence, microfinance with these developmental activities can prove to be a successful model which can upgrade the way of living. We have several developmental programs like THP, BEP, BHP, EUP and BFLP and the most interesting part is the way these programs are supporting thousands and lakhs of lives.

We have successfully completed 18 years of our service as a non-profit organisation and have worked in areas where the basic needs of living have been a serious turmoil which is to be eradicated. We have already 2 million beneficiaries who have been benefited from our programs and we are further looking forward to help those who have seen the worst in their lives. We are presently working on a program named “Dishari” in which destitute women are helped and trained to lead a normal life afterwards. We are also looking forward to help the jailers of Dumdum jail so that they can also live a normal and happy life after their punishment period.

I would like to share my happiness with you all for being there always to support us and encourage us to work. I would express my sincere gratitude to all our donors who have not only provided us funds but also have helped us to support millions to a better way of living. I really wish you continue holding our hands firmly like this and more hands can definitely help us to reach numerous sections of our country where they might be waiting for us to provide a thrust which can help them to make their lifestyle better.

Let us together make a sincere and honest attempt to facilitate the poverty-stricken population with the facilities that they are deprived of for years.

Happy reading!
Chandra Shekhar Ghosh
Senior Ashoka Fellow
Founder & Mentor