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Kitchen Gardening

Background of the program

Bandhan's health program has recently started to popularize the concept of kitchen gardening with the aim of augmenting nutrition in rural homes and fighting malnutrition amongst children.

The health team has taken up the initiative of distributing nutrient dense vegetable seedlings in order to ensure home based nutrition. Keeping in mind the nutritional requirements of the poor community, the organization distributes various seasonal seedlings viz. bottle gourd, spinach, cucumber, radish, ladies finger, beans, etc.

This seed distribution initiative has been started as a measure to provide proper nutrition to those who have limited access to afford fresh vegetables and have a high degree of hunger/food insecurity. The seed distributing program shall prevent the deprived to get effected from the frequent market price fluctuation. They will also be able to avoid adulterants in the vegetables.

The seedlings have been distributed to a total of 2,33,000 households covering 4 states viz. Assam, Tripura, Bihar, and West Bengal with the expectation that every household will have at least 30 kg of vegetables at their own kitchen garden.