Monthly status as on October  2021

  • States - 12
  • Districts - 180
  • Branches - 1,563
  • Municipalities - 2,962
  • Villages - 19,439
  • Beneficiaries - 31,43,760
  • Staff - 3,190

Enterprise Development and Financial Literacy with UNDP

Background of the program

Bandhan has initiated enterprise development and financial literacy training as a part of Credit Plus program at Pakur, one of the country’s most backward districts located in Jharkhand. This pilot project in association with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will capacitate socio-economically disadvantaged micro credit borrowers to make informed decisions while dealing with their enterprise and household finance, thereby placing them on a sustainable livelihood trajectory.

The project rests on the premise that adequate training in enterprise management and financial literacy is essential to make optimal utilization of microcredit. The business development inputs will be mainly on business planning and management of enterprise operations, costing, pricing, fund flow etc. while Financial education inputs will encapsulate trainings on savings, insurance, investments, credit and budgeting/ financial planning for the household. The 6-month project aims to cover 2,000 beneficiaries