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Safe Water


Bandhan has teamed up with Eureka Forbes Limited (EFL) with the objective to provide safe purified drinking water to the destitute section of the community residing in the rural areas.

The health related expenditure in poor households is high owing to frequent occurrence of water-borne diseases which siphons out considerable portion of their income. The water problem becomes more acute during summers leading to health hazards. Hence there exists a huge demand for safe drinking water. This collaborative project titled ‘Bandhan Safe Water’ envisions to provide water fit for consumption at affordable rates to the localities and in the process generate employment for local youth as plant operator, delivery person and moderator.

To begin with, a fully automated state-of- the- art water treatment plant has been set up in Bally, Howrah. The initial plan is to dispense 10,000 litres of safe water per day to 500 households (approx.) in the village. In this project, the rechargeable Radio Frequency Identification Data (RFID) water dispensing card would be introduced which would enable villagers to collect water conveniently by bringing it in contact with the touch panel thereby minimizing chances of cross contamination and water wastage.

This water plant set up in Howrah district is a first of its kind. The inauguration ceremony for the same was held on March 01, 2014 in the august presence of Shri Rajiv Banerjee, Minister of Irrigation & Waterways, Government of West Bengal and Shri Ranjan Ganguly, Senior Vice President, Eureka Forbes Limited (EFL).